We're here to support you to successfully navigate your family's Speech Pathology journey. 

Our Speech Pathology services may be a mixture of in clinic sessions, school visits, home visits, tele-therapy, home practice activities or strategies for the classroom. Whatever the mode, we aim to be fun, practical and goal directed while making sure you and your child feel supported and empowered with the skills to thrive and live a happier life. 


Our passionate and innovative Speech Pathologists are experienced in supporting:

  • Speech delay/disorder 

  • Language delay/disorder 

  • Early Intervention

  • Auditory Processing Disorder 

  • Attention and listening skills

  • Bilingualism

  • Social communication / pragmatics skills

  • Emotional regulation

  • Play skills

  • Behaviour

  • Late talkers

  • Stuttering

  • Literacy

  • Hearing and vision impairments

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

  • Global Development Delay (GDD)

  • Intellectual Disability 

  • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

  • Down Syndrome

We are proud to offer Therapy Assistant programs to work complimentary with your regular Speech Pathology service. Contact us today to learn more!

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Speech & Language Assessment


A comprehensive speech and language assessment is the first step to understanding your child’s speech, language and communication skills. This can involve formal standardised tests or informal assessment; through observation, play and conversation. Assessment involves gathering information from parents, teachers and other professionals to obtain a snapshot of your child’s current communication skills and how it may affect his/her day to day life.​


Depending on your child and their needs, the assessment may vary in length and might be conducted over one or more sessions to allow for a detailed investigation of your child’s communication skills. Following assessment, your Speech Pathologist will discuss your child’s strengths and needs with recommendations for a plan of action. We understand you know your child best, therefore you also play a part in deciding a plan for the course of therapy. If requested, a comprehensive report detailing your child’s strengths and needs with recommendations can be provided and shared to educators and other professionals.

Following assessment, a personalised therapy program will be tailored for your child. Our strength-focused and evidence-based approach to therapy is tailored to align with your child’s interest and fosters an environment where your child’s communication can blossom. Therapy sessions will be 45-60 minutes on a weekly or fortnightly basis, which is recommended for maximum progress. At the end of each therapy session, your Speech Pathologist will offer functional strategies and home based activities for your child to take away and practice at home. Enjoy the benefits of our specialist services in the convenience of your own home, Kindergarten, school or in our clinic.

We are committed to working collaboratively with parents, teachers and other professionals to promote the best outcome for your child. This involves up-skilling and empowering parents, caregivers and school support staff to successfully and confidently facilitate intervention strategies and supports within the home, school and community settings. 

​Chat Well Speech Pathology offers screening assessments, parent information evenings and training sessions for educational staff at your school, kindergarten or childcare centre. 

Speech Therapy

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Did you know we provide Teletherapy all across Australia? 

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